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Leaving A Legacy Of Love

We are here to help you leave a lasting legacy for your loved ones through Will and Trust planning, to ensure your loved ones are taken care and to distribute what you have built for them when you are no longer around.

We provide three (3) main categories of services:

Our Will Writing and Trust Planning Process

Setting up a Will or a Trust requires detailed planning, and it is highly personalised for every individual. Using our 4-steps unique system, we worked with our clients closely to ensure your legacy is passed on smoothly to your loved ones.

Below are our three (3) main areas of focus:

Personalised Will Writing

We help you with a tailored made Wills, that provide solutions to protect, preserve, control and distribute your assets for your loved ones. 

It's your will, it should be customised by you, with support when you need it.

Writing a Will is not expensive, in fact, it is only RM 480 to get started.

If you have any sort of savings, investments, property or dependants, you should take the time to create a Will. 

With a Will in place, your assets will be distributed according to your wishes.

However, in the event you passed on without a Will, disputes, arguments, finding sureties and other pitfalls could leave your loved ones more vulnerable than beneficial. 

Example as shown on the right. (What happen when you passed on without a Will?)

Setting up will and trust agreement

Trust Services

Will only takes effect when a person passed away. What about if the person went missing? Under critical care condition such as having  critical illness, permanently disabled or in comatose? 

This is where Trust comes in. It is better to ensure your assets are handled exactly as you wish and provide better flexibility that a Will does not cover. Benefits of Trust are as below:  

Trust Fund Creation

Our assets will be frozen upon death. This includes cash in the bank, shares in the market, property and other assets. 

Hence, the purpose of Trust Fund is to provide immediate financing facility to help cover the family expenses and a source of income to ease their financial stress.

This is crucial if the sole breadwinner of a family member passed away. 

The Trust fund will provide funding to the family to cover their monthly expenses, put the food on the table, paying for children's education, and other living expenses while waiting for assets distribution.

Estate planning services



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